Get rid of nail fungus for good!

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Nail fungus which usually leaves you with unsightly, painful, odorous toenails, can now be treated with our specially designed nail fungus laser treatment. It completely eradicates those stubborn cases in a safe and efficient way for good.

The usual forms of oral treatments; Terbinafine, and Itraconazole, affect the liver and in some patients, can cause serious allergic reactions, alter your sense of taste permanently, as well as induce diarrhoea, itching and rashes.

The nail fungal laser treatment used at Jale’s Beauty, however uses high levels of light energy to safely destroy the slow developing fungus embedded in the nail bed and underneath the nail. The laser treatment used to stamp out this ailing fungus works by sharp bursts of light passing through the infected nail, ultimately raising the temperature of the organism to a point where the growth stops and the cellular structure of the fungus starts to break down and is destroyed.

What about the surrounding cells? The healthy, unaffected skin cells, muscle cells, nerve cells, and blood cells. These remain unaffected by the healing light energy.

This nail fungal laser treatment is quick and easy to have done, for both men and women of all ages looking for a reliable cure to their nail fungus infliction. Each treatment truly does take only a few minutes.  Once treatment has been completed, there is no downtime, and it is possible to continue your usual activities that same day.  As the toenail starts to grow out, you will see new and healthy nail come in its place. It will take several months for the new nail to completely replace the old one so the laser treatment results won’t be apparent straight away. But rest assured, it completely cures the infection in 90% of all cases.

Don’t wait until the infection causes the loss of toenails, extreme pain, and the unpleasant smell to get your nail fungal treated. Get in touch now about how you can start your nail fungal laser treatment. If you are unsure whether you have nail fungus or not, we’re more than happy to see you for a free assessment. Just give us a call and we’ll organise an appointment.

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Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

£100 per session

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