Relaxation massage

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There is nothing worse than that tightness in your shoulders and that dull pain in your neck from stress. We all carry stress around with us, but you should not have to!

You need to let that stress ebb away into the background with one of our specialist massages performed by our very own masseuse and reflexologist:Holly. At Jalé's Beauty, we make it our mission to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed, and fresher than when you walked through our doors. Everyone deserves to be pampered, and our qualified and experience masseuse will personalize your session to suit your specific requirements.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage works alongside the human anatomy to relieve tension and stress. As with all treatments this is personalized to suit your specific needs. Depending on whether you are looking to pamper yourself, or whether you’re wanting to get rid of that knot in your shoulder; our masseuse is fully trained in giving the right amount of pressure to suit your needs. As well as easing tension and reducing stress, a traditional Swedish massage can increase oxygen levels in the blood, decrease the toxin buildup within muscles, improve general circulation, and can show an increase in which blood cells which are responsible for boosting your immune system meaning your body has a better chance of fighting against the cold and flu season.

Hot Stone Massage

Traditionally used by the Native Americans to relieve the discomfort of aching muscles. Basalt stones are used due to its ability to naturally absorb and retain heat at the desired temperature. Different sizes and shapes are used on the body to ensure the right amount of pressure and temperature is being applied to specific muscles and energy points. Once our therapist has warmed up your body using a traditional Swedish massage, she will then massage you using the heated stones placed in her hands. Depending on your specific needs, she may also place stones on certain areas on your body to help improve positive energy in your body, and increase relaxation. Hot stone massage improves circulation, reduces pain, relaxed muscles and can improve the negative symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Hot stone massage

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