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How Lipoglaze works Lipoglaze gently warms up the treatment area which encourages blood and fat to separate. Then by using Cryotherapy, carefully freezes away fat cells – without you having to undergo the surgeon’s knife. These fatty cell deaths are permanent which means results are, which is why this latest technology is state of the art. Lipoglaze can destroy 30-40% of fat in the treated area within one session.

Just after one lipoglaze cryogenic lipolysis treatment that takes up to an hour, simply allow your body to do the rest – You won’t even feel the fat cells crystallise and then break down, disappearing for good.

In simple terms, permanently remove fatty areas you do not like, knowing the fat cells cannot come back.

Knowledge and Experience is Crucial to the Success of this Treatment. All our Consultants are Certified and Insured.

There are other clinics out there but question their understanding of body fat distribution and the capability of their machine. They may treat an area which will not reduce as it is the wrong type of fat. We also have the latest lipoglaze machine with three size applicators (small, medium and large) allowing for greater treatment areas and a more cost effective answer. Other clinics only have one size giving them limited treatment capability and it could cost two or three times as much to get a similar result. With our large applicator, we can treat in one 45 minute session what would take other clinics three treatments to achieve. That’s 3 x 45 minute sessions which would take 6 months as you cannot treat the same areas within a 2 month period. Also second rate machines cannot achieve the temperatures required to gain results.

Our Director works with high profile clients who need body confidence for the lime light that they are in, from Models, Reality TV stars, Strictly Come Dancing dancers, Directors of companies on Harley Street and the list goes on. All our technicians follow the same high standards and training. At LABSclinic Our Advanced Fat Freezing, Lipoglaze, Non Surgical Treatments Guarantee…

There is…

  • NO pain
  • NO needles
  • NO Surgery

Which means…

  • NO time off needed
  • NO recovery time necessary
  • NO dangerous side effects

You get…

  • Rid of the fat where you want
  • A treatment that’s permanent
  • Experienced professional Clinicians
lipoglaze fat freezing

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